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We personally guarantee that our dream team will work with you live, hands-on, every single day... Until you get that coveted 6/7/8 figure trophy!

Akbar Sheikh

Founder of the Coaching University

Akbar Sheikh is a #1 International best-selling author, a global keynote speaker on stages such as Tedx, master of ethical principles of persuasion & has helped 11 funnels hit seven figures.

An avid user of the Clickfunnels platform and top 1% earner in the world - Akbar spends his time finding ways to better serve his clients through a unique 7 on 1 coaching program designed to get coaches, consultants, course creators, agencies - or anyone with that offers ongoing support calls with their clients, get to 6 and 7 figures without ad spend.

Bobbi-jo “BJ” Brighton

Mindset Coach

Bobbi-Jo “BJ” Brighton, CST, LCI is a Mental Toughness & Authentic Leadership coach and advisor to leaders in some of the world's largest brands, including Coca-Cola, DuPont, HP, Vanguard, and Comcast.

After watching fellow entrepreneurs struggle with procrastination and imposter syndrome, BJ is bringing her Mental Toughness process to business owners to help them shut down the inner critical voice to authentically, consistently, and proactively move toward their goals.

Phil McGilvray

Financial Coach

As a marketer, Mark Robinson understands the power of the right offer. He’s taken funnels from 2% opt-in to 28% opt-in, all by changing the offer on the page. His superpower is clarity. He has the ability to see the forest and the trees simultaneously. He likes to work behind the scenes, but you may have seen his work on and other websites.

As an offer coach, he’s able to understand what you want to do and recommend the best next step. And, isn’t that what we all really need? In his spare time, he studies copywriting and entrepreneurship. He’s a family man with a wife and three children.

Jessica Walman

Paid Traffic Coach

Jessica Walman is a leading digital marketing strategist & Facebook Ads expert helping entrepreneurs share their message, impact lives, and 10x their revenue by selling their offerings to the world. She runs one of the more dominant digital marketing agencies in the world managing tens of thousands of dollars a day in ad spend helping clients launch multi-6 and 7 figure programs and products.

Jessica has been featured in HuffPost, YFS Magazine, and Evercoach and alongside her agency is educating others on how to run profitable Facebook ad campaigns through her Ad Agency Secrets Podcast and her own digital courses.

Nayan Kariya

Technology & Automation Coach

Nayan Kariya is an industry leader in technology, automation, systems, and sales funnels. After solving over 6,600+ intensive tech support situations for the Clickfunnels Official Support Team, he has now helped countless 2 Comma Club award winners with their tech, systems, funnels, and automation.

He helps people fix all tech issues. All of them. Doesn't matter if your Gmail is not getting emails, or your texting sequence isn't firing correctly, your Facebook pixel is not collecting data, or if you need a custom coded software solution for a very specific system. If you need a funnel built with highly sought after automated systems and integrations in place to streamline the efficiency of your business - Nayan has not met a single tech issue he could not fix.

Camilla Nymann

Funnel Coach

Camilla Nymann is a #1 global funnel designer, based in Denmark. She has vast experience with funnels and is an expert in paid traffic from being the co-founder and CEO of multiple marketing agencies with very impressive success stories.

Now, she specializes in VSL/application funnels for coaches and consultants to bring in the perfect clients for high-ticket online coaching organizations. Camilla runs a very successful VSL funnel agency with Johnathan Jena, who is an unmatched VSL copywriter. She has studied under a few of the most highly regarded members of the international funnel community, such as Gusten Sun.

Camilla not only builds funnels (done-for-you), but she is also the trusted funnel coach of 6, 7, and 8 figure earners, coaching their students on how to build high-converting VSL funnels for their individual programs.

Dan Woodruff

Sales Coach

Dan Woodruff helps to turn people who are fearful of sales into being fearless closers.  Over the years, he has invested tens of thousands of dollars to be taught by some of the best closers in the world and has since taught other people how to get to the top of their game by increasing their closing rate dramatically. 

He is a 5th degree Black Belt in kickboxing and used his skills in sales, marketing, branding, strategy and mindset to build one of the largest kickboxing schools in the UK.  Along with teaching people how to become sales legends, Dan also business coaches other martial arts school owners how to grow their schools to impact their local communities.

Atif Fazil

Funnel Coach

Atif Fazil is a 23-year-old technology entrepreneur, and the driving force behind Jaryah; a full-service digital agency providing their clients a disruptive CTO/CMO service including all-in-one web strategy, full-stack marketing, technology development, and creative design.

He started his journey in high school by building Tamu, an omnichannel and cloud-based mobile order & payment solution designed to revolutionize dining experiences for customers and enhance revenue opportunities for restaurants.

With primary experience in interface design, development, and marketing, he is able to offer well-rounded advice on what you should be looking to achieve from your funnel at face value and more importantly “behind-the-scenes”.

Coaches Secret +

Programmes we offer

Results Generated

By delivering a state of the art training regime accompanied by daily, hands-on high performance coaching and accountability, it's no surprise that we're able to guarantee you a Trophy.

Years of Experience

Our Dream team has more than 25 combined years of helping people grow.


When we help our students hit 6-7-8 figures, we give them an amazing trophy. It's Been our Honor to have handed over 50 of them out to Entrepreneurs in all different niches, at all different stages, Are you Next?

Coaches Secret
This is a DIY Program.

Suitable if your company is new or you are looking to make your 1st Five Figures Online.

Earn your first $43,000 of revenue guaranteed
Get clarity on your audience, offer, and niche
Get Paid what your worth
Get Your next 20 Clients
Simplify service delivery
Get Access to funnels, sales scripts, emails, strategies etc. that have made our students over $50M+
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Coaches Secret +
7 on 1 Group Coaching.

Work directly with your dream team to take your business to the next level. Suitable if you're looking to take your business to 6 or 7 Figures.

Everything in the Coaches Secret Program
We work with you every single day until you earn a 6 or 7 figure trophy
Daily hands-on coaching calls; get personalized mentorship from 7 experts that can troubleshoot your problems and offer realistic and proven solutions
Get Access to HD training videos from any desktop or mobile device, anywhere in the world, anytime you like
Learn how to do what you do best & outsource the rest and automate 90% of your workflow
Get Access to $250,000 worth of research and development
Learn how to run profitable paid traffic campaigns & fulfill an unlimited number of clients
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Coaching University
A Mastermind Like No Other.

In addition to daily live coaching calls - have intimate access to every coach, at any time, every day.  1-1 instant communication to solve every problem the moment it hits

Everything on the Coaches Secret + Program
Unlimited support from extremely high-level and current practicing coaches
Solve every problem, handle any situation, fix anything broken, strategize any plan/process in real-time
We give you a blueprint that guides you to building the business of your dreams
We give you unlimited real time 1 on 1 support to help you implement that blueprint
We plug you in to the most giving community online to support and help one another
We help you achieve your goals faster by using a cutting edge accountability software
We meet in person to twice a year to show you the latest and greatest ways to scale
There is no program that gives you all the systems, tools, resources and support you need to be a 7-Figure Giver. This program is in a class of our own.
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